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Selling odd lots of shares in Singapore stock market

Normally, Singapore stocks are traded in even lots – e.g. 1000 shares, 2000 shares, and so on. If you end up with odd lots, e.g. 100 shares, 300 shares, and so on, then you need a way to sell them off. You might have gotten odd lots through a bonus issue or some other mechanism, but in any case, you’ll realise that you can’t sell odd lots off in the normal market.

There’s a way to do this though. For instance, if you’re using POEMS: Login, go to Stocks, and then Unit Share. The Unit Share page allows you to sell off your odd lots. The good thing about selling off your odd lots here is that the brokerage cost is only $10 per trade, as compared to the usually minimum of $25.

The bad thing about selling odd lots is that you need to be really, really patient. Selling odd lots is a lot harder because activity for odd lots trading is lower than the normal market. Also, you may not always find a “perfect match” for your buy/sell order. This is because trading is done in an “all or none” fashion, where you can only sell all of your desired shares, or none at all. This means that there must be a ready buyer/seller of that exact number of shares.

It is generally not recommended to go through Unit Share to buy odd lots, but if you have to offload some odd lots, then this would be the most convenient place.

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Settlement of Contracts

Settlement of Contracts

Settlement of trades executed on SGX securities market takes place on the third market day after the trade date T+3, T being the trade date. When a seller does not have sufficient shares in the account for settlement by 12noon on T+3, CDP will conduct buy-in on that afternoon to fulfil the seller’s delivery obligation.

The starting buy-in price for any security is 2 minimum bids above either the previous day’s closing price or any of the transacted or bid prices in one hour preceding commencement of the buy-in, whichever is higher. The buy-in bid prices will increase by 2 minimum bids from time to time throughout the day until the securities are bought or delivered to CDP.

CDP charges a processing fee of S$75.00 (S$80.25 inclusive of GST) for each failed contract. A brokerage rate of 0.75% will be levied on each buy-in contract.

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Symbol Bid Ask Spread
EURUSD 1.22390 1.22410 2
GBPUSD 1.38880 1.38910 3
USDCAD 1.24350 1.24380 3
USDJPY 111.050 111.070 2
USDCHF 0.95860 0.95890 3
AUDUSD 0.79940 0.79970 3
NZDUSD 0.73060 0.73110 5
EURGBP 0.88110 0.88140 3
EURCHF 1.17350 1.17380 3
EURJPY 135.920 135.950 3
AUDJPY 88.770 88.820 5
GBPJPY 154.220 154.280 6
XAUUSD 1327.70 1328.10 40
XAGUSD 16.941 16.991 5