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CapitaMalls Asia placement tranche of S$100m oversubscribed

The placement tranche of 10-year bonds by CapitaMalls Asia Treasury Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CapitaMalls Asia Ltd, has closed three days after its launch on 3 January and public offer on 4 January.

The initial S$100 million placement tranche on offer was two times over-subscribed.

Driven by such strong demand, CapitaMalls Asia Treasury will exercise its option to upsize the bond’s total offer, alloting S$180 million to the placement tranche and the S$220.0 million balance of the upsized offer will remain available to the public.

“We would like to thank the institutional investors and high net worth individuals for their strong support for our second series of bonds and for their confidence in CapitaMalls Asia. This has enabled us to close the placement tranche after just three days of the offer, and to upsize the offer,” said Ng Kok Siong, Chief Financial Officer at CapitaMalls Asia.

“With the upsize, up to another S$220.0 million of bonds remains on offer to the public. The public offer will close at 2.00 p.m. on Monday, and we look forward to a similarly warm response from the public.”

CapitaMalls Asia Treasury has offered subscription bonds to both institutional and public investors in Singapore. Initially, bonds offered to the public totalled S$100.0 million in aggregate principal amount of callable step-up bonds due 2022, while institutional investors, among others, were offered S$100.0 million in aggregate principal amount of bonds.

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Symbol Bid Ask Spread
EURUSD 1.17880 1.17900 2
GBPUSD 1.32010 1.32040 3
USDCAD 1.27830 1.27860 3
USDJPY 112.070 112.090 2
USDCHF 0.98900 0.98930 3
AUDUSD 0.75570 0.75600 3
NZDUSD 0.68070 0.68120 5
EURGBP 0.89280 0.89310 3
EURCHF 1.16600 1.16630 3
EURJPY 132.110 132.140 3
AUDJPY 84.690 84.740 5
GBPJPY 147.950 148.010 6
XAUUSD 1289.86 1290.26 40
XAGUSD 17.133 17.183 5

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