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SGX launches online help for investment products

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) on Friday introduced two online initiatives, the “Customer Account Review Module” and the “SGX Online Education Programme”, both aimed at supporting retail investors in their understanding and trading of “Specified Investment Products” listed on SGX.

“Specified Investment Products” have terms and features that could be challenging for retail investors to understand. The products include Exchange-Traded Funds, Structured Warrants and Exchange-Traded Notes.

The SGX initiatives come in response to the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) new requirements that broking firms have to assess a retail customer’s investment knowledge and experience before selling them certain investment products.

The interactive Online Education Programme, where investors are able to access information, requires them to take a quiz at the end of the programme to confirm their understanding.

The Customer Account Review lets investors furnish information such as their investment experience, education and professional qualifications, so that broking firms can assess if the customers have sufficient experience and knowledge to trade.

SGX’s chief regulatory officer Yeo Lian Sim said that SGX implemented such programmes as they hoped investors can be better informed of products before they invest in them.

“We will also update the Online Education Programme as and when we introduce new products on SGX,” she said. “We hope all investors will find the Online Education Programme useful.”

Adapted from CNA (By Amanda Feng).

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