Open a stock trading account in Singapore

Open a stock trading account in Singapore

Open a stock trading account in Singapore

How to open a trading account in Singapore.1)Opening an stock trading account step by step guide.Actually you can go to any stockbroking firms and open a trading account. Down there you can also open a CDP account.ORa) You have to go to CDP at SGX center, at shenton way to open a CDP account.
It take less than a day(can be an hour time) to open an account with CDP.

b) Then go to your choosen stockbroking firms to open an account for stock trading.
The following document you needed to bring along.

* Identification card (for citizens and permanent residents)
* Passports (for non-Singaporeans) & Malaysian IC for Malaysians
* Work and re-entry permits (for foreigners working in Singapore)
* Bank account number
* CPF investment account number (if applicable)
* CDP account number (if applicable)


It is important to link your trading account with your securities account. By linking both the accounts, your trades through your trading account will be reflected directly in your CDP securities account. You will receive contract notes and statements from the CDP. Almost all financial institutions offering trading account will arrange to open your CDP Account to make it easier for you.

In addition to Singapore stock exchange, you will also be able to trade on major international stock exchanges including US and European and many Asian stock exchanges through your trading account.

You can open a trading account in Singapore if you are a

1. Singapore Citizen or

2. Singapore Permanent Resident or

3. Foreigner on a valid Work Pass

Additionally you must

1. Be above 21 years of age

2. Have a securities account with the Central Depository Pte Ltd (CDP). However, while applying for your trading account, most financial institutions in Singapore will arrange to open your CDP Account if you do not have one.

2 Responses to “Open a stock trading account in Singapore”

  1. Dear STO,

    I wish to open a tading account in Singapore. I am a British citizen with permanent residence in Japan. Can you inform me of a brokerage that can both open a trading account for me and assist in opening a CDP account, linking both, so that I can trade in Singapore. I have some Linc Energy shares that were formerly trading in Australia but now only trade in Singapore. I cannot trade these from either Japan or Australia now, so wish to open an account in Singapore and also do some further trading via Singapore.

    Thank you for yor time.


    Christopher Lock

    • Admin says:

      Hi Chris

      Any brokers in the list below(in alphabetical order) would be able to help you

      AM Fraser Securites
      CIMB Securities
      Citibank Brokerage
      DBS vickers
      Kim Eng Securities
      Lim & Tan Securities
      OCBC Securities
      Philip Securities
      UOB Kay Hian


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