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HPH Trust (NS8U.SG) closes at US$0.985 on 25th march 2011

HPH Trust (NS8U.SG) closes at US$0.985 on 25th march 2011

HPH trust (NS8U.SG) remains the most traded counter on the singapore stock exchange since its debut on 18th March Friday afternoon.

A dismal IPO showing due largely to the Japan earthquake dampened sentiments and saw the counter fall to a low of 0.905 on 22nd March. However a series of stablising trades from 18th to 25 march by the stablising manager, Deutsche Bank AG who bought a total of 188 million shares enabled the stock to recover much of the losses.

We expect the stablising actions to continue at least until the counter reaches its IPO pricing. This in addtion to a report by Credit Suisse which says HPH Trust could peak within two weeks of its debut due to its inclusion in MSCI is gving a very strong BUY signal for HPH Trust(NS8U.SG)

Long term outlook on the stock is also very positive as according to Goel of Drewry.

“Based on its business trust structure and mature ports, being able to actually list and raise proceeds in the billions is already considered a success,” says Goel, who believes the trust could have fared much worse. “The weakness we are seeing is true of the entire equities market in general. HPH Trust is a fundamentally strong yield play with a reputable name and should stabilise over the next few weeks once the volatility subsides.”

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EURUSD 1.22950 1.22970 2
GBPUSD 1.39690 1.39720 3
USDCAD 1.26430 1.26460 3
USDJPY 106.850 106.870 2
USDCHF 0.93590 0.93620 3
AUDUSD 0.78360 0.78390 3
NZDUSD 0.72910 0.72960 5
EURGBP 0.88000 0.88030 3
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AUDJPY 83.730 83.780 5
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XAUUSD 1328.76 1329.16 40
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