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How to apply for internet access to CDP account

How to apply for internet access to CDP account

To apply for service
3 simple steps to apply for CDP Internet Service:
Step 1: Complete the application form
Step 2: Mail the duly signed form to
The Central Depository (Pte) Limited 4 Shenton Way #02-01, SGX Centre 2 Singapore 068807
Step 3: CDP will send the Internet PIN to your mailing address within 3 business days.
Please note the following: 1. Both Joint Alternate account holders are required to sign on the application form. 2. Corporate account holders need to complete the section on “Certified Copy of Resolution for use of CDP Electronic Service”
B. To reset Internet PIN, please click here

Then you can login at

4 Responses to “How to apply for internet access to CDP account”

  1. Lai Mun Heng says:


    We would like to apply for CDP Internet Service to view online statements only. We do not want to execute any transactions through the CDP Electronic Services. We would like to check whether we can amend the “Service Application & Update (Direct Crediting, Internet, Phone” form as follows:

    “We hereby certify that the following resolution(s) of the Board of Directors of ToInsertCorpName (“the Corporation”) were passed on ToInsertDate and which resolution(s) have been duly recorded in the Minute Book of the Corporation.

    It was RESOLVED that:
    1) Any 2 of the Authorised Signatories appointed to operate the Corporation’s securities account with CDP are hereby authorised to:
    a. complete and sign the appplication for CDP Electronic Services;
    b. apply for the use of any service provided by CDP through CDP Electronic Services;
    2) The Corporation has read the CDP Electronic and Phone Services Terms and Conditions and agrees to be bound by the terms as varied, amended and supplemented from time to time.

    Certified True Extract”

    We would like to manually strikethrough on the form “at a duly convened meeting of the Board held”, “at which a quorum was present” and “c. execute on behalf of the Corporation, requests for updating of particulars, transfers, deposits, withdrawals, lending of securities and any other transactions, including those involving payment of monies which may be carried out through any service provided by CDP through CDP Electronic Services.

    Please advise whether we can manually strikethrough the above clauses on the form and whether we would need to get our Athorised Signatories to countersign against the amendments.

    Appreciate your prompt written advise.

    Thanks and regards.

    Mun Heng
    DID: 6213 8371

  2. Poh Siew Gek says:

    where do I find the application form?


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