Applying For Initial Public Offering(IPO) Shares

Applying For Initial Public Offering(IPO) Shares

I am assuming that you who is reading this article is a retail investor and have no Private Bankers or Brokers who will do the work for you. If you do have a banker or broker serving you, you can tell them that you wish to apply for the IPO.

so now before you even thinking of applying for the IPO shares of any company, you should first have a CDP account with the Central Depository. If you need more information on how to open a CDP account, you can read more here.

Next you would need to have a DBS/POSB bank account and ATM card. Being the bank in Singapore with the largest ATM network, almost everyone in Singapore have a DBS/POSB account. Thus, the listing company will almost always use DBS as the underwriter or placement agent.

Remember to apply for the shares at the IPO tranche via ATM or Internet Banking before the closing date and time. There is an admin fee of SGD 2. Do note that there are some criteria you have to fulfill to do an ATM or internet banking application:

– you must be a Singaporean and you must be in Singapore at the time of application. You would need to do this declaration when you apply.

Of course you would also need to have sufficient funds in your account for the bank to debit for the total cost of the shares you are applying.

Final Step: Wait for the results.

You can start checking for the results from 6pm onwards the next evening after the IPO closed. I think this might be the only time I wish there is less money in my account.

Good Luck to you!

Selling off your shares- Should you need to sell off your shares, you would need to have a trading account with a broker and link the account to your CDP account. Your Broker will help you link the CDP to your trading account.

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